Traveling through Asia offers even in each country different aspects and habits. But Singapore itself shows a completely different face than all other Asian countries I have been so far. It is kind of travelling or being in Switzerland – they know well that they have huge economic power and have the independence to make decisions for their own wellbeing. Having a look beyond this, Singapore seems to be the one shopping and party metropolis. Never ending shopping streets for food, clothing and technic from low budget to exclusive. Underground Clubs on top floors of skyscrapers, tiny private Bars next to the river or big floating mainstream discotheques – it is impossible not to find a room where your party habits fit to people and music you like.


If you want to visit the touristic places, Singapore can be done in about three to four days. The subway takes you fast and most often directly to the places you should have a look at as written in the travel-guides. But if you have a little more time, take the chance and try to walk around. It will give the chance to see the often discussed difference in Singapore. On the one hand the upper-class society, with their modern office buildings and fashioned restaurants and parks. On the other hand most often around the corner the lower-class, with their living rooms next to their shops and a lunch break under the bridge. Of course those settings are seen worldwide, but in my eyes, the gap between poor and rich can’t be bigger and better seen than there.

The most common place to start the night is at Clarke Quay. Next to the bridge, where the young generation does their warming up with drinks from the perfectly located 7/11, are hundreds of Bars, Restaurants, Clubs and even Hostels.

The famous building Marina Bay Sands offers you a club with a great view over Singapore. So if the price for a room at this hotel is too expensive take the chance at the club Ku De Ta to enjoy a drink with a great view and party.

A great place to stay overnight at the beach is Sentosa Island. The artificial island has different clubs, hotels and two leisure parks. Go out to party and dance till 3 and afterwards easily find a spot at the beach to be on your own.


China Town

Maybe China Town in Singapore is one of the cleanest and best designed China Town’s you will ever see. They have beautiful green parks, well refurbished nice old houses and a lot of small restaurants and coffee shops. The small buildings and the green parks offer a fresh climate in this part of Singapore and it is perfect for lunch or dinner during the really hot days. Of course Chinese markets for food and fake-items are not missing.


Not going to talk a lot about the Gardens by the Bay, cause they are for sure one of the best known touristic attractions and you are going to find information about it everywhere. Just my expression when I visited them and to safe you some money. It is totally worth it to buy a ticket for the cloud forest dome. This amazing walk to the top of the waterfall shows you an uncountable amount of rainforest flowers, trees and plants and even the waterfall and the way you walk are attractions for itself. If you are from USA, Australia, Europe or similar climate zones, leave out the flower dome. Any plants there are more beautiful to see in your home country and wild nature.

Little India

Little India is a colorful mixture of shops, temples, street markets and Indian flair. To enjoy the buildings without having a crowd of people in front a early start in the morning would be necessary but it’s totally worth it. To enjoy the buildings in the quite morning sun and the smell of the fresh vegetables which are prepared at the street markets. Delicious fruits and a freshly brewed black coffee or tea will give you the energy for the first part of the day.

Normally known from China, also Singapore offers in little India small stores where you can find some cheap real or fake “Souvenirs” and if you have plans for the night even low-cost liquors. Even refurbished tires are available – right, they just scratch in a new profile for you if your tires are slicks. Anything you did not find in the streets? Go to Mustafa Warehouse – the unbelievable everything seller in little India. It is even a great place to take some spicy Indian food, on top of the building in a sealed garden.

Night Safari

Need a break from all the parties at night but can’t sleep?! Take the chance and go to
the night safari. It will take you closely to wild, night active animals in a
great surrounding. For the beginning a guided tour by an open bus through the
huge area gives some first impressions. Of course flashes are not allowed and
to give the animal the real feeling of night, the lights are very low – so
please excuse the quality of the images below. This is just a reminder to do it
on your own. After the bus ride different footpaths take you through the jungle
and even closer to the animals. Don’t be afraid, in most cases glas separates
the animals from you – but it is also possible to get in some of the cages –
eye in eye with 1 m bats for example (they eat fresh fruits by the way and will
not suck your blood ;).

NUS – National University of Singapore

Map with some mentioned spots

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