Almost forgotten things I did during my study at and with the Hiroshima University of Economics. Everything started with a traditional Tea Ceremony in an old Tea house. Turn the tea left and right, drink in once, put down, bow, use only right hand…a lot of things to take care of. Even more for the girls in their Japanese clothing, which was not easy to put on. The guys had to wait about an hour during this πŸ˜‰

After a tour thru Hiroshima we where invited to the island Miyajima infront of Hiroshima. This island is famous for its temples and shrines but the most for the torii gate. Build in the sea it is reachable by boat during high tide and you can even walk thru during ebb-tide.

The pictures of food you find below are from a Korean Dinner by our study colleagues, a BBQ with Sashemi (raw fish) and the sweet paradies. About the raw fish – well, the consistence is a bit like chewing gum but the taste is really fresh and not a little bit fishy.

One of the festivals we went, was the Flower Festival. For Hiroshima it is quite important to have those big festivals as a cultural compensation for their missing heritages which where all destroyed by the atomic bomb. Therefore no building is older than 50 years. And when you now think, but the castle on the picture looks older – it was completly rebuilded.