Live on big shoes

At the beginning I was wondering about the big feet the Japanese must have because of their big shoes. But when I took a closer look, I recognized that the shoes are just way too big for them. Making them walking around like clowns, or just scuffle around – because if they lift their feet, they will lose their shoes. But why are they wearing those shoes?

Is it contrary to china that they don’t like small but big feet? Different stories appeared when I was asking the Japanese, but the most common answer was that they just like the shoes that much when they saw in the shop that they had to buy – even though it was not there size. Another reason might be the available sizes in Japan, there are not that many as in Europe or US. In addition they mostly don’t tie their shoes to look more fancy or whatever.

On the other hand, they have shoes like in the picture, fitting perfectly. Maybe I have to try them once and tell you if it is more comfortable to wear big shoes or the toe-shoes…